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Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) support the exchange of knowledge in specific areas and applications of Emergency Management higher education. The FEMA HiEd Program does not endorse or manage these groups but encourages their formation around common areas of interest.

To be listed on the FEMA HiEd program website, an academic SIG must meet the following criteria:

  • Five or more active members who meet at least twice a year.
  • At least one and preferably two members commit to serve as leads or co-leads and points of contact.
  • At least one lead or co-lead commits to attend quarterly meetings and submit input for activity reports with the HiEd program. If there is no representation at two consecutive quarterly meetings in a calendar year, then the group will be removed from website.

Anyone interested in joining a SIG should reach out to the associated SIG leads / co-leads. SIGs interested in being listed on the FEMA HiEd program website can reach to the HiEd email address.

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