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Special Interest Groups (SIG)

The EMI Higher Education Program encourages the organization of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to support the increase exchange of knowledge in specific areas and applications of Emergency Management Education. It is anticipated that these SIGs will both broaden and deepen areas of study and understanding of practice in emergency management.

A SIG will provide a forum within the Higher Education community of interest to pull people together who have a common curiosity. The SIG will serve as a focal point for community development in their special area, potentially co-authoring/researching, serve as mentors to students and subject matter experts to practitioners.

SIGs will initially convene at the annual Symposium and will continue to engage and share information year round. SIG activity will be noted in our weekly newsletter and website as appropriate.

SIG groups must be made up of 5 or more members, with one member committing to serve as the lead point of contact. A strong SIGs will:

  • inspire and motivate symposium submissions for their interest area
  • recruit membership with diverse perspectives
  • support open discussion
  • capture the ideas and work of the group to share
  • advance knowledge dissemination

Anyone interested in joining one or more of the SIGs should email requesting to be added to the roster.

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