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Emergency Management Institute (EMI) Virtual Table Top Exercise (VTTX)

VTTX Testimonials:

  • “Thank you for putting this on. It was a great TTX. Really got us talking about our plans”

    Erik Hackmann, Senior Manager
    Security Seattle Mariners

  • “Thanks for hosting this exercise. The Padres walked away with valuable learning points”

    Leonard Davey, Senior Director of Security & Transportation
    San Diego Padres

Background: The VTTX is a series of Virtual Tabletop Exercises that are offered monthly by the Emergency Management Institute (EMI). The VTTX program was launched in September of 2012 as an initiative to leverage technology and reach a large training audience.

Program Overview: The Emergency Management Institute (EMI) conducts a monthly series of Virtual Table Top Exercises (VTTX) using the Zoom platform to reach community based training audiences around the country and provide a virtual forum for disaster training. The VTTX process involves key personnel from the emergency management community of practice reviewing a pre-packaged set of exercise materials then convening for a four-hour table top exercise discussing a simulated disaster scenario. The event allows the connected sites to assess current plans, policies and procedures while learning from the other connected sites as they provide their perspective and practices facing a similar situation. A change to an internet connection is required for participation.

Training Audience: The VTTX is limited to 10-15 remote "Participation" sites per event due to time constraints. The program also allows for some "Observation" sites for each event to become familiar with the VTTX process. The VTTX is designed for a community based group of 10 or more representatives from your local emergency management community of practice.

Training Cost: Free

Training Dates & Times: The VTTX is conducted monthly and advertised on the EMI Web Page with a training opportunity announcement, distributed via multiple FEMA distribution lists, and other Emergency Management professional forums. To accommodate participants from the West Coast, the VTTX is conducted from 12:00 EST to 4:00 p.m. EST. Participating sites will be required to sign on at 11:00 EST and be prepared to go to 4:30 p.m. EST. For a list of the current VTTX schedule, please contact the Program Manager below.

Select here for the Virtual Tabletop Exercise Program for Fiscal Year 2024

Virtual Tabletop Exercise Program information for second half of Fiscal Year 2024 is under development and will be released in early calendar year 2024.

Requirements to Participate:

  1. A lead POC from your community to serve as the contact for the VTTX Program Manager
  2. An internet connection is required to take part and will be broadcasted using Zoom.
  3. A Community based group with representation from the Emergency Management disciplines.
  4. A remote site Facilitator to manage the VTTX discussion process from your site.

Exercise Documents: Exercise documents for this event will be provided to the lead remote site POC as soon as the final list is announced. VTTX documents will include

  1. A power point slide pack that will serve as the "script" for the four-hour exercise
  2. A Situation Manual (SITMAN) that will provide an overview of the scenario, structure and guidelines as well as the three phases of the exercise
  3. A Local Site Guide – Exercise Coordination & Facilitation Guide, that will provide the designated Facilitator for your respective site detailed instructions on the VTTX process and how to organize and prepare your group for the event.

For General Inquires: or call 202-880-0544

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