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Notice: Independent Study Exams now require a FEMA Student Identification (SID) Number. If you do not yet have a SID, register for one today: Please do not contact the Independent Study program office as they are unable to provide assistance with these requests.

If you have an inquiry regarding the FEMA Independent Study Program, NIMS or other Emergency Management Institute (EMI) related requests such as: requests for certificates, transcripts, online test scores/results, please contact the FEMA Independent Study program office at 301-447-1200 or email for further assistance. Please do not contact the FEMA SID Help Desk as they are unable to provide assistance with these requests.

ISP Courses

Course Code Course Title CEUs College Credits
IS-156 Building Design for Homeland Security for Continuity of Operations - (6/12/2014) 0.8 1.0
IS-200.b ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents - (10/31/2013) 0.3
*IS-200.b Details
1.0 (When combined w/ IS-100.b)
IS-200.HCa Applying ICS to Healthcare Organizations - (10/31/2013) 0.3 n/a
IS-201 Forms Used for the Development of the Incident Action Plan - (10/31/2013) 0.3 n/a
IS-207 Overview of the FEMA Qualification System (FQS) and Qualification Review Boards (QRBs) - (10/31/2013) 0.1 n/a
IS-212.b Introduction to Unified Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) - (12/7/2015) 0.3
*IS-212.b Details
1.0 (when combined with IS-395 and IS-559)
IS-215 Unified Federal Review Advisor Training: An Overview of the UFR Process - (8/22/2016) 0.3
*IS-215 Details
1.0 (when combined with IS-216)
IS-216 An Overview of the Unified Federal Review Process: Training for Federal Disaster Recovery Leadership - (8/22/2016) 0.3
*IS-216 Details
1.0 (when combined with IS-215)
IS-230.d Fundamentals of Emergency Management - (12/16/2013) 0.6 1.0
IS-235.c Emergency Planning - (12/15/2015) 0.5 1.0
IS-240.b Leadership and Influence - (6/16/2014) 0.3 1.0
IS-241.b Decision Making and Problem Solving - (3/31/2014) 0.2 1.0
IS-242.b Effective Communication - (3/31/2014) 0.8 1.0
IS-244.b Developing and Managing Volunteers - (3/29/2013) 0.4 1.0
IS-245.a Introduction to the Defense Priorities and Allocations System (DPAS) - (10/31/2013) 0.1
*IS-245.a Details
1.0 (When combined with IS-27 and IS-246)

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