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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions | NETC Background and Suitability Process (e-QIP)

General Questions

  1. What forms do I need to fill out to become an instructor with EMI?
  2. Do I need to break down the costs on the invoice?


    No, you do not. What you submit on your bid form as the fixed fee price will be the amount you are reimbursed for. That will be the amount you claim on your invoice and no receipts are required.

  3. Who do I submit my invoice to for payment and how should I submit it?


    As stated on the contract, you are to submit your invoice to the FEMA Finance Center (FFC) but, if for some reason you submit that invoice to your Course Manager or Karen Andrew, they will send it over to the FEMA Finance Center (FFC) to begin the payment process. You can submit your invoice via mail to the FEMA Finance Center (FFC) or via email to Karen Andrew.

NETC Background and Suitability Process (e-QIP)

  1. What paperwork will I need to complete prior to becoming a Contract Instructor?


    Please go to How to Become an EMI Contract Instructor in the left navigation and select How to Apply and you will find what needs to be submitted to become a EMI contract instructor

  2. How do I become a Contract Instructor at the National Emergency Training Center (NETC)?


    You will need to apply through the National Fire Academy (NFA) or the Emergency Management Institute (EMI) by going to their website and following the instructions listed. The websites are as follows:

  3. What should I do if I have a Spam filter on my email?


    If you have a Spam filter on your email you should indicate that you will allow emails from web addresses.

  4. How will I receive information stating that I need to begin the fingerprint process?


    Once we receive your approved application and résumé you will be contacted via email by the with steps on how to proceed with finishing the instructor approval process.

  5. How will I be notified that my fingerprints have been cleared?


    The Instructor Application Representative will contact you via email once approved and provide you with the next steps in the process and when you can bid on courses.

  6. Why am I receiving a notice stating that my fingerprints need to be redone?


    Your fingerprints need to be very clear when they are done. There are times when the machines are unable to read your prints accurately and in result the Instructor Application Representative is notified and will contact you to redo your fingerprints or it has been 2 years since you were last fingerprinted and you will need to be re-fingerprinted in order to be reactivated as a qualified EMI instructor in the system.

  7. If I have a question, who should I call?


    Call the Contract Instructor Selection Unit; Karen Andrew at (301) 447-1074 or Paulette Simpson (301) 447-1251.

  8. What should I do if I decide I would no longer like to be a Contract Instructor?


    You should submit a request to be removed as a Contract Instructor by email, fax, or postal service to the Contract Instructor Selection Unit (Karen Andrew). Please be sure that your legal name is listed in the request.

  9. What if I am a Federal Employee or a FEMA Reservist?


    If you are employed as a Federal employee or a FEMA Reservist you will not be eligible to be a Contract Instructor at NETC. You would need to resign from that position and be required to show verification of this resignation. Under current regulations, you are not permitted to be in a pay status by two Federal positions.

  10. Where do I mail my documents once I have completed the requirements?


    You are provided a return self-addressed, stamped envelope to return you completed fingerprint package.

Teaching Demonstration Questions

  1. Where can I upload my 30 minute teaching demonstration?


    We recommend using

  2. Why can’t I use other websites (such as Vimeo)?


    Due to the DHS firewall, we may not be able to review your video if it is not posted to one of the recommended websites.

  3. I’m having trouble uploading videos onto the suggested websites.


    All websites will require you to make an account to upload videos. For additional questions please refer to the links below.

  4. I cannot upload videos longer than 15 minutes onto YouTube


    YouTube requires users to verify their YouTube accounts to upload videos longer than 15 minutes long, please refer to the below link on how to verify your YouTube account.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the information being provided, please email them to Thank you.

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