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Course Code Course Title
IS-1100.a Increased Cost of Compliance
IS-1101.b Basic Agent Tutorial
IS-1102 Theory of Elevation Rating
IS-1103.a Elevation Certificate for Surveyors
IS-1104 NFIP Claims Review for Adjusters
IS-1105.a EC Made Easy: Elevation Certificate Overview
IS-1106.a FEMA Mapping Changes
IS-1107 Adjuster Customer Service
IS-1108 Insuring Condominiums
IS-1109.a Understanding Basement Coverage
IS-1110.a Writing Commercial Exposures
IS-1111 Introduction to Commercial Claims
IS-1112 Introduction to Flood Claims
IS-1113 Coastal Barrier Resources Act
IS-1114 Adjusting RCBAP and Condo Unit Owner Claims
IS-1115 Claims Process for Agents
IS-1116 Sales for Agents
IS-1117 Severe Repetitive Loss for Agents
IS-1119 Letters of Map Amendment (LOMAs) and Letters of Map Revision–Based on Fill (LOMR-Fs)
IS-158 Hazard Mitigation Flood Insurance in Disaster Operations
IS-162 Hazard Mitigation Floodplain Management in Disaster Operations
IS-271.a Anticipating Hazardous Weather & Community Risk, 2nd Edition
IS-273 How to Read a Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM)
IS-274 How to Use a Flood Insurance Study (FIS)
IS-279.a Introduction to Retrofitting Flood-Prone Residential Buildings
IS-280 Overview of: Engineering Principles and Practices for Retrofitting Flood-Prone Residential Structures, FEMA Publication 259, 3rd Edition
IS-285 Substantial Damage Estimation for Floodplain Administrators
IS-320 Wildfire Mitigation Basics for Mitigation Staff
IS-321 Hurricane Mitigation Basics for Mitigation Staff
IS-322 Flood Mitigation Basics for Mitigation Staff
IS-323 Earthquake Mitigation Basics for Mitigation Staff
IS-727 Floodplain Management and Protection of Wetlands

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