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Refer to the National Emergency Training Center Welcome Package for guidance on COVID protections at the NETC campus,
and the CDC Coronavirus page for the latest updates on the pandemic response.

Introducing the EMI Student Portal

The Student Self Service Portal allows you to print or download Independent Study (IS) Completion Certificates, Student IS Transcripts (for personal or employer use) and Official IS Transcripts (for educational institutions only). Please review the IS FAQ's for more information.

Spanish Language Courses

EMI is introducing a limited number of IS courses that have been translated to the Spanish language. You can find the complete list of courses in the Spanish language course list.

ISP Courses


Course Code Course Title CEUs
Course has foreign language equivalent
Introduction to Public-Private Partnerships - (12/20/2011) 0.2
IS-662 Improving Preparedness and Resilience through Public-Private Partnerships - (10/31/2013) 0.2
Course has foreign language equivalent
An Introduction to the National Incident Management System - (6/25/2018) 0.4
IS-703.b National Incident Management System Resource Management - (5/4/2020) 0.4
IS-706 NIMS Intrastate Mutual Aid - An Introduction - (10/31/2013) 0.2
IS-727 Floodplain Management and Protection of Wetlands - (5/29/2019) 0.4
IS-772.a Individual Assistance Preliminary Damage Assessment Orientation - (8/12/2021) 0.1
Course has foreign language equivalent
National Response Framework, An Introduction - (5/6/2020) 0.3
IS-815 ABCs of Temporary Emergency Power - (12/27/2016) 0.2
IS-822 Fundamentals of Management and Support Coordination of Federal Disaster Operations - (11/27/2013) 0.4
IS-841.a NEMIS HMGP System: Overview and Startup - (1/10/2018) 0.1
IS-842.b NEMIS HMGP System: Enter the HMGP Application - (1/25/2018) 0.2
IS-843.a NEMIS HMGP System: Project Eligibility Determination - (1/10/2018) 0.1
IS-844.a NEMIS HMGP System: Managing Project Tasks - (1/10/2018) 0.1
IS-845.a NEMIS HMGP System: Oversight and Closeout - (1/10/2018) 0.1

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