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IS-905: Responding to an Active Shooter: You Can Make a Difference

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Course Overview

Active shooter and targeted violence incidents are rare. However, they are highly impactful. Being prepared to act can make all the difference. For this reason, many organizations are taking actions to prepare their employees and staff to effectively respond, should an attack occur. We all play a critical role, and the choices you make will have lasting ramifications on you and those around you. While the probability of being involved in an active shooter situation is low, these incidents can significantly impact individuals physically and psychologically. Being prepared will give you and those around you the best chance of survival. During this course, we will discuss how you can prepare yourself to effectively respond if you are ever faced with an active shooter incident.

Course Objectives:

  • Make swift and informed decisions if you are ever in an active shooter incident
  • Understand your options and which actions to take during an active shooter incident to increase the chance of saving your life and the lives of those around you
  • Provide essential medical treatment to those that are injured
  • Properly engage with law enforcement





Course Length:

1 hour
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