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IS-337: Posting Integrated Financial Management Information System Transactions

Course Date


Course Overview

This course trains participants to post financial transactions to the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS). Participants learn about transactions for the following: commitments, obligations, invoices, expenditures, reports, and more. Participants will view transaction demonstrations and be guided through questions to ensure their understanding of each transaction. Successful completion of the course is required before access to the system will be granted. The learner must achieve a minimum passing score of 75% on final knowledge assessments or demonstrate mastery on performance assessments or research assignments to earn the IACET CEU.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the organization, processes, and capabilities of IFMIS.
  • Recall how to access and navigate IFMIS.
  • Complete IFMIS transactions using FEMA and other Standard Forms as input documents.
  • Describe the reporting capabilities of IFMIS.

Primary Audience

FEMA employees and FEMA authorized contractors





Course Length:

5 hours
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