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IS-1119: Letters of Map Amendment (LOMAs) and Letters of Map Revision–Based on Fill (LOMR-Fs)

Course Date


Course Overview

This course is designed to provide information to individuals interested in Letters of Map Change (LOMCs) with a focus on Conditional Letters of Map Amendment (CLOMAs); Letters of Map Amendment (LOMAs); Conditional Letters of Map Revision—Based on Fill (CLOMR-Fs); and Letters of Map Revision—Based on Fill (LOMR-Fs) on the applicant, community floodplain administrator, licensed professional, and FEMA levels.

Course Objectives:

  • Explain basic purpose and procedures of CLOMAs, LOMAs, CLOMR-Fs, and LOMR-Fs
  • Describe roles and responsibilities in the LOMC process
  • Understand the floodplain management and insurance implications of CLOMAs, LOMAs, CLOMR-Fs, and LOMR-Fs

Primary Audience

This course is available to anyone.


Required: IS-0273 How to Read a Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM)



Course Length:

3 hours
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