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IS-1114: Adjusting RCBAP and Condo Unit Owner Claims

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Course Overview

The Adjusting RCBAP and Condo Unit-Owner Claims course provides the Large Commercial and RCBAP authorized adjusters with the most challenging aspects of adjusting NFIP flood losses under the Residential Condominium Building Association Policy and the Dwelling Form, commonly referred to as the unit-owner policy. Flood losses to condominium buildings insured under the RCBAP and Dwelling Form are complex and must be thoroughly investigated to ensure proper claim handling. This course reviews specialized knowledge areas and adjustment concepts for consideration and use when adjusting these types of claims.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify Homeowner Associations (HOAs), townhomes, and other forms of ownership not eligible for coverage uner the RCBAP
  • Determine building value, insurance to value, and Replacement Cost Value
  • Compute coinsurance calculations using examples and case studies
  • Identify documentation associated with RCBAP and unit-owner policies (e.g. condominiums bylaws, appraisals and ownership verification)
  • Explain coverage differences as applied to condominium and unit-owner policies insured under the RCBAP, General Property Form, and the Dwelling Form.
  • Explain coverage for business units (General Property Form) located in condominium buildings
  • Describe condominium loss assessment and the Dwelling Form

Primary Audience

Whole Community





Course Length:

1 hour
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