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Sample Community-Specific IEMC Letter of Request

Jurisdiction Letterhead

Jeffrey D. Stern, Ph.D. Superintendent, Emergency Management Institute
16825 S. Seton Ave.
Emmitsburg, MD 21727

Dear Dr. Stern,

On behalf of (jurisdiction’s name), I respectfully request consideration to receive a Community-specific Integrated Emergency Management Course (IEMC). We have determined that (jurisdiction’s name) meets the criteria for application and selection for this course conducted by FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute (EMI). We understand that approval for an IEMC will require a major commitment from our community. As such, I believe our community is an ideal candidate and would benefit significantly from participation in this course to exercise our emergency operations center (EOC) SOPs and our emergency operations plans.

As explained in detail in this application package, (jurisdiction’s name) has a population of approximately xxx,xxx permanent residents with a peak business-day population of xxx,xxx. (Provide community characteristics for example: A “Downtown Improvement Program” is currently underway to restore and renovate historic riverfront buildings into apartments and condominiums. In addition, the construction of new Convention Center is nearly complete. The scheduled grand opening within six months will correspond with opening of the Heritage Park open recreation area along the riverfront.)

We request an IEMC program that will help to prepare us for (type of IEMC requested and primary hazards or event for the exercise scenario). The attached documents provide detailed information concerning our current emergency management program and our disaster history.

We request your endorsement of this nomination package to be forwarded to the FEMA Region (#) Administrator along with our application package.

If this application is selected for a community specific IEMC in FY2023, the requesting community agrees to follow and apply all relevant evaluation and assessment guidance (EEG, Lessons Learned) and to follow the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) After Action Report (AAR) format. The community is responsible for the development of a formal After- Action Report and improvement plan. A copy of the After-Action Report, and Improvement Report will be provided by the community to the FEMA/EMI/IEM Branch within eight months of course completion.”

Thank you for your consideration.


Vicki Moore


The application request letter should be addressed to the Superintendent, Emergency Management Institute, but sent first to the State Emergency Management Agency for endorsement, State Emergency Management Agencies then on to the FEMA Region for endorsement. FEMA Regional Office. The FEMA Region will forward it to the Superintendent, Emergency Management Institute.

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