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Course Description:

This course will assist EMAC staffs identified as Instructors in preparation for presenting the EMAC Field Course.

This course will provide concepts, skills and techniques to design and present a training program to include; identify and analyze training needs, establish training objectives, select course content, select and apply different training methods, and determine support and administrative requirements for training, e.g., materials, equipment, facilities, etc. The importance of evaluation will also be emphasized.

Course Goal:

The primary goal of this field course is to introduce state-level participants to the EMAC process and assist them in gaining enough familiarity with the EMAC process that, if an event occurs that requires their participation through EMAC, they know what is expected of them; in general, how to proceed; and what documentation and sources of information to look to for guidance.
Since the EMAC process is still being perfected and, therefore, the process will continue to be fine-tuned over time, one of the goals of the field course is to ensure that participants can locate the latest information on the EMAC processes at the time at which they need them.


Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

1) Identify and analyze training needs;
2) Develop and write behavioral stated training objectives for training subjects;
3) Design learner oriented training with greater effectiveness and results, prepare an organized lesson plan and outline, and select and apply appropriate training methods and training techniques, e.g., demonstration, simulation, role playing, small group discussions, etc.;
4) Demonstrate competency in the administration of training, to include: cost, scheduling, materials, equipment, training facilities.
5) Deliver one or more modules of the EMAC two-day field course.

Selection Criteria:







Course Length:

CEUs: n/a

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