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E210: Recovery from Disaster: The Local Government Role

Course Description:

The resident version of this course is designed for local disaster recovery teams consisting of emergency managers, city/county administrators, public works directors, building inspectors, and community planners. The course focuses on the roles and responsibilities of each team member, and provides guidance on developing a local disaster recovery plan. Best practices in disaster recovery are summarized in a CD-ROM toolkit included in course materials. Participants are given the opportunity to develop an outline of their own recovery plan during the course.

Selection Criteria:

Local government emergency managers, building officials, community planners, city or county administrators, and public works directors. State disaster recovery personnel who work directly with local governments in disasters are eligible to attend the course. FEMA staff who serve as community liaisons in disasters also are eligible and are encouraged to enroll in this course.






Course Length: 4½ days

CEUs: 2.5.

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