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What is an “L” Course?

An “L” course is a delivery of an EMI course that is located away from the EMI campus. EMI-funded L courses are only scheduled if annual funding is available and there is an adequate number of course participants confirmed. The locations of “L” courses will vary from year to year based upon communication, coordination, approval and scheduling by the EMI Tribal Curriculum Manager.

The location of an L course is usually based on being centrally located to a number of tribes within a 150-200-mile driving distance to maximize the training opportunity for the largest number of tribal governments. Confirmation of at least 20 participants is also required to make the training cost-effective. Courses are limited to 40 participants.

In order to request an “L” course delivery in your area, your organization must be prepared to assist EMI in accomplishing some or all of the following tasks:

  • Identify adequately sized training space, preferably at no cost
  • Assist in marketing and distributing information about the course to recruit the required 20 tribal government participants or more from the surrounding area
  • Taking calls and/or e-mails to develop a “pre-registration” list of participants and help confirm participants the week before the scheduled class
  • Receiving and transporting the training materials to the course site
  • Providing a laptop with MS PowerPoint capability, projector, screen and external speakers

If your tribal government has the financial resources to pay for instructors, you may request a delivery of an L-course for your tribal government employees. EMI will provide the materials at no cost.

All L-course deliveries require a minimum of 6-weeks-notice in order to be placed on the schedule and provide classroom support.

For further information about L courses, please contact Katie Hirt at 301-447-1164 or

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