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Administrative Requirements for Instructors

Registration in System for Award Management (SAM)

UEI and SAM Registration

If you make changes in your banking information, e.g., direct deposit information, you will need to make the change directly within your SAM record; and you will also need to provide this information to the FEMA Finance Center in Winchester, Virginia, at (540) 504-1899, to avoid any delay in payment. In addition, we strongly advise that you annotate your invoice (if submitting an electronic invoice- use the Additional Details Block) with a note to indicate your banking information has changed. For example, if you have relocated to another state and as a result changed banks, you will need to make notification so that payment can be made to the correct account.

NOTE: The Emergency Management Institute has the right to refuse your bid and go to the next bidder to issue an award if your registration in SAM is not current.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the information being provided, please email them to Thank you.

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