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Course Topics

Lecture topics are designed to make class participants familiar with the various aspects of EOC management.  Topics vary depending on the emphasis the community wants for their program.  Preparedness and response centric IEMCs include presentations on various disciplines; emergency program management, public policy, community services, public works, fire service, law enforcement, public information/media, public health/hospital management and emergency medical services.  Recovery and mitigation centric IEMCs also include sessions on short and long-term recovery issues such as housing, debris management, documentation, mitigation, and long-term recovery.

Preparedness and Response topics include:

  • Public Policy in Emergency Management
  • Media Role in Disaster Response
  • Information and Intelligence Management
  • Orientation to Emergency Management
  • Orientation to the Fire Service
  • Orientation to Law Enforcement
  • Orientation to Emergency Medical Services
  • Orientation to Public Works
  • Community Services
  • Mass Care and Sheltering
  • Federal Roles in Disaster Response
  • Disaster specific issues for earthquakes, hurricanes, hazmat incidents, and terrorism

Recovery and Mitigation topics include:

  • Mitigation and Recovery Policy Issues
  • Intergovernmental Roles/Actions
  • Emergency Information and Media Affairs
  • Situation and Damage Assessment
  • Restoration of Services
  • Debris Management
  • Documentation of the Recovery Process
  • Hazard Mitigation Initiatives
  • Hazard Mitigation Case Studies
  • Public/Private Collaborations for Mitigation
  • Long-term Redevelopment
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