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About Integrated Emergency Management Courses

Learn to Manage an Emergency Operation Center (EOC) through Exercise:.

Each IEMC is aligned with the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) methodology and addresses the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) management function within one or more Core Capabilities. In addition to selected Core Capabilities, each IEMC is designed around the selected jurisdiction's hazards and organizational structure included within its emergency plans. Data reported in the jurisdiction's Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment and associated State Preparedness Report is used to design classroom and exercise components of the course.

Governments are responsible for protecting and aiding the population during time of crisis. Fulfilling this responsibility depends on the ability of emergency personnel to prevent, protect, mitigate, respond and recover from disasters. Emergency management personnel must develop and maintain a high standard of readiness and must be able to function effectively under stressful conditions. Emergency personnel can achieve readiness through actual experience and through participation in facilitated exercise. In fact, exercise is a preferred method to learn skills and build expertise. The IEMC, offered by the Emergency Management Institute of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), places public officials and emergency personnel in simulated, but realistic, crisis situations within a structured learning environment. Early in the course, an emergency scenario will begin to unfold with classroom-style lectures, discussions, and small-group workshops. As the course progresses, scenario-related events of increasing complexity, threat, and pressure occur. Participants develop emergency policies, plans, and procedures to enable an effective response. The course culminates in a major capstone exercise designed to validate participant knowledge, awareness, flexibility, leadership, decision-making, and interpersonal skills, while under pressure in a simulated EOC environment.

Participants are challenged to build upon their existing knowledge and experience by incorporating classroom learning into simulated operations during the exercise. The IEMC invites individuals to rehearse their emergency management roles under realistic crisis conditions and contribute professional growth to the community’s emergency response capability.

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