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COVID-19 Information for National Emergency Training Center Students

Note: effective July 28, 2021, all Federal employees, onsite contractors, and visitors, regardless of vaccination status or level of COVID transmission in your local area, are required to wear a mask inside all DHS workspaces and Federal buildings.

We will be performing scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, December 28, 2021 starting at 8:00 AM EST. This is a planned one (1) day, 24 hour EXTENDED OUTAGE, ending Wednesday, December 29, 2021 at 8:00 AM EST. All EMI web services will be unavailable for this time period. Please contact us if you experience any issues outside of this maintenance window.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency continues to monitor the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as it relates to COVID-19. To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the CDC is encouraging organizations to promote social distancing, hold meetings via videoconferencing, reduce non-essential travel, and adjust or postpone events and gatherings. We also continue to evaluate the local and national situation and will provide regular updates.

Students will be notified in advance concerning the status of their on-campus course offering.

We thank you for your understanding, and we invite you to visit our extensive catalog of Independent Study Courses as well as classroom courses available by virtual delivery.

ICS Forms

The downloadable, fillable pdf forms available on this page have been modified to comply with the Section 508 requirement that website content be accessible to people with disabilities.

DescriptionSizeFile Type
ICS Form 201, Incident Briefing (v3).pdf121.8KB.pdf
ICS Form 202, Incident Objectives (v3).pdf335.5KB.pdf
ICS Form 203, Organization Assignment List (v3).pdf62.3KB.pdf
ICS Form 204, Assignment List (v3).pdf47.7KB.pdf
ICS Form 205, Incident Radio Communications Plan (v3).pdf56.2KB.pdf
ICS Form 205A, Communications List (v3).pdf53.9KB.pdf
ICS Form 206, Medical Plan (v3).pdf105.1KB.pdf
ICS Form 207, Incident Organization Chart (v3).pdf36.4KB.pdf
ICS Form 208, Safety Message-Plan (v3).pdf27.6KB.pdf
ICS Form 208HM, Site Safety and Control Plan (v3).pdf455.5KB.pdf
ICS Form 209, Incident Status Summary (v3).pdf300KB.pdf
ICS Form 210, Resource Status Change (v3).pdf73.2KB.pdf
ICS Form 211, Incident Check-In List (v3).pdf77.6KB.pdf
ICS Form 213, General Message (v3).pdf26.2KB.pdf
ICS Form 213RR, Resource Request Message (v3).pdf44.2KB.pdf
ICS Form 214, Activity Log (v3).pdf73.4KB.pdf
ICS Form 215, Operational Planning Worksheet (v3).pdf62.5KB.pdf
ICS Form 215A, Incident Action Plan Safety Analysis (v3).pdf38.3KB.pdf
ICS Form 217A, Comm Resource Avail Worksheet (v3).pdf179.8KB.pdf
ICS Form 218, Support Vehicle-Equipment Inventory (v3).pdf70.5KB.pdf
ICS Form 219, T-Card Instructions (v3).pdf22.2KB.pdf
ICS Form 219-1, T-Card (Gray) (v3).pdf27.2KB.pdf
ICS Form 219-10, T-Card (Purple) (v3).pdf73.7KB.pdf
ICS Form 219-2, T-Card (Green) (v3).pdf90.8KB.pdf
ICS Form 219-3, T-Card (Rose) (v3).pdf75.3KB.pdf
ICS Form 219-4, T-Card (Blue) (v3).pdf72.1KB.pdf
ICS Form 219-5, T-Card (White) (v3).pdf80.4KB.pdf
ICS Form 219-6, T-Card (Orange) (v3).pdf72.8KB.pdf
ICS Form 219-7, T-Card (Yellow) (v3).pdf75.4KB.pdf
ICS Form 219-8, T-Card (Tan) (v3).pdf76KB.pdf
ICS Form 220, Air Operations Summary (v3).pdf99.9KB.pdf
ICS Form 221, Demobilization Check-Out (v3).pdf81.2KB.pdf
ICS Form 225, Incident Personnel Performance Rating (v3).pdf165.1KB.pdf
ICS Form 230CG, Daily Meeting Schedule (v3).pdf23KB.pdf
ICS Form 233CG, Incident Open Action Tracker (v3).pdf62.5KB.pdf
ICS Form 260, Resource Order.pdf290.5KB.pdf
ICS Forms - Instructions (v3).pdf100.7KB.pdf
NIMS ICS Forms Booklet (v3).pdf2.9MB.pdf
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