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Unity of Effort: Education Standards, Accreditation, and Collaboration

Co-leads: James Ramsay, Larry Porter, Romeo Lavarias, and Daryl Spiewak

Brief Description

A recently merged effort between the two formerly independent Accreditation and Unity of Effort SIGs. The Unity of Effort SIG is about bringing together passionate and energetic professionals who want to impact and advance the Emergency Management and Homeland Security professions. We see possibilities and realize opportunities for emergency management and homeland security professionals to strategically operate synergistically, expand both education and accreditation efforts, to optimize training and education, and to help develop tailored academic degree programs to produce a qualified workforce that will enhance national preparedness. Given the content focus and inherent interdisciplinary nature of the Unity of Effort SIG, we also value the ability to collaborate with various SIGs to help them accomplish their missions.


  1. To leverage common interests across multiple SIGs to advance the fields of homeland security and emergency management.
  2. To work toward establishing recognized accreditation for both emergency management and homeland security degree programs.
  3. To foster scholarship and professional development opportunities in both emergency management and homeland security.

Next Steps: Objectives, Projects, or Activities

  1. Conduct a fall 2020 webinar to introduce the newly formed SIG and our main purposes.
  2. To continue to develop the program, policy and process infrastructure supporting program-level degree accreditation.
  3. To seek funding to support the organizational infrastructure of an accrediting body.

SIG Co-leads

Larry A. Porter, Ph.D., CEM
Council for the Accreditation of EM & HS Education (CAEMSHE)

James Ramsay, Ph.D.
University of New Hampshire

Romeo Lavarias
Emergency Manager, Miramar, FL

Daryl Spiewak, CEM, TEM
Council for the Accreditation of EM & HS Education (CAEMHSE)

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