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26th Annual Emergency Management Higher Education Symposium

The 26th Annual Federal Emergency Management Agency Higher Education Symposium will be held on June 3-5, 2024. The symposium is hosted by FEMA’s Higher Education Program and held at the National Emergency Training Center campus in Emmitsburg, MD.

FEMA Higher Education Symposium Mission & Vision

Mission Statement: The mission of the FEMA Higher Education Program’s Symposium is to cultivate a collaborative space for emergency management academia, professional organizations, and practitioners that promotes a culture of continuous learning and innovation.

Vision Statement: Our vision is to establish the Symposium as a dynamic platform where diverse ideas and practices in emergency management higher education are explored and exchanged. We are committed to celebrating the spirit of innovation, education, and community resilience. The Symposium serves as a nexus for emergency management professionals, academics, students, and government officials, facilitating a robust exchange of knowledge and ideas. Together, we aspire to empower communities to navigate and overcome the complexities of disasters and emergencies by educating the next generation of emergency managers.

About the 2024 Symposium

The 26th Higher Education Symposium theme, “Pioneering Ideas and Practices in Emergency Management Higher Education: Building More Resilient Communities,” is a focal point for an event that celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Higher Education Program. This theme encapsulates the core mission and objectives of FEMA’s Higher Education Program, emphasizing innovation, education, and community resilience.


The theme for this year's FEMA Higher Education Symposium celebrates the founding voices of emergency management higher education who brought us the first Symposium 25 years ago. It acknowledges the hard work and dedication of the academic community that has led to immense growth in emergency management programs, innovative research, and students. Connecting with our past is a reflection upon the rich history and scholarship of the emergency management discipline that has provided a strong foundation to build from. Furthermore, the theme calls us to envision a future practice of emergency management made stronger by students educated in cultural competence and prepared for the demands of an emerging and evolving threat landscape, including the threat posed by climate change.

2024 Symposium Agenda

2024 Symposium Program


Registration is open through April 30, 2024. Applicants will begin to receive official acceptance notifications in February 2024.

  • Follow all application instructions at and
  • Apply to course code E8510.
  • Applications do not need to be approved by the applicant’s sponsoring organization; however, please be sure to list yourself in the application for endorsement and then complete the endorsement email once received.
  • No travel stipends are provided to attend the symposium.

2024 Call for Presentations

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