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The Federal Emergency Management Agency continues to monitor the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as it relates to COVID-19. To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the CDC is encouraging organizations to promote social distancing, hold meetings via videoconferencing, reduce non-essential travel, and adjust or postpone events and gatherings. We also continue to evaluate the local and national situation and will provide regular updates.

Students will be notified in advance concerning the status of their on-campus course offering.

We thank you for your understanding, and we invite you to visit our extensive catalog of Independent Study Courses as well as classroom courses available by virtual delivery.

23rd Annual Emergency Management Higher Education Symposium


Online Application Instructions - E8510

We now have the capability that allows you to apply online for an Emergency Management Institute course.

Before you begin the online application process, here are few things you should know.

  • Have your FEMA Student Identification (SID) number available when you apply for the HiEd Symposium. If you do not have a SID number, go to to obtain one.
  • Know the date of the training that you are applying for. The course code is E8510, the date is June 8, 2021, and the location is Emmitsburg MD

The link to the online application is

On each screen, you will see a box to “Continue” or move to the “Next” screen. If that box is not green, please check to make sure that you have checked an acknowledgement box

You will note that many of the fields have an asterisk associated with them. This means that you will need to provide the required information, or you will not be able to proceed to the next screen.

In the initial section of the application process, the system will verify your last name with the FEMA SID on file.

If they do not match, you may need to go to and review your SID Number registration information.

You will also be asked during the application process to provide individual student information; to include the following:

  • Demographic information such as home mailing address, phone numbers, and email address
  • Course/Offer information such as course code (E8510), FY 2021, 2nd semester, and course date choice (6/8/21).
  • In the brief description of your responsibilities block, insert “Not required”.
  • Organizational information such as organization state, zip code, and name of the agency you are representing.
  • Your organization’s jurisdiction and type; your current status in the organization, primary responsibility in the organization, experience in the organization and your organization’s business type.
  • Other information such as gender, race, and ethnicity (this is optional).

After you have provided all your information, you will see a screen where you can upload attachments. Click "Continue" because there should be no attachments for this course.

After the Continue button, the system will ask you to acknowledge four statements. This is done by checking the box. This is also how you sign your application.

You will then be asked to provide the name and email address of the individual who is authorized to approve your application. You should insert your name and email address since the approval of the head of the sponsoring organization is not required for this course.

Your application will electronically be forwarded for approval. You have 14 days to approve your application. You will receive an electronic notification of the action taken.

Once the application is approved, it is transmitted electronically to the NETC Admission Office for review.

You will receive an electronic notification when the application is received in Emmitsburg.

Once you have applied for a course online, the information you provide is saved and can be retrieved using your FEMA SID the next time you apply for EMI training or the HiEd Symposium.

If you have a problem completing your application, contact the NETC Admissions Office at 301-447-1035.


2021 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award

Have you published one or more studies about pedagogy or andragogy in Emergency Management and/or Homeland Security (EMHS) higher education? Then apply for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Award presented at the 2021 FEMA Higher Education Symposium. Sponsored by the University of Central Florida’s School of Public Administration, this annual award is based on specific criteria and recognizes outstanding SoTL efforts within the EMHS disciplines. Deadline is April 30, 2021. More information can be found on the Higher Ed website. Consider self-nominations or nominating a colleague today.

Award Criteria

The criteria for evaluating applicants’ award application packet include the following three major categories:

  1. Value or impact of SoTL efforts both within the discipline and to the teaching and learning community (e.g., serving as an editor or a peer reviewer for a SoTL journal, presenting SoTL research results at professional conferences, and other forums within and outside their institution).
  2. Peer recognition of research and creative efforts in the emergency management and homeland security disciplines.
  3. Publication of research and creative efforts in the emergency management and homeland security disciplines.

Application Materials (Submitted as a single PDF document)

  1. Nomination letter from the dean, director, chair, or a colleague written specifically in reference to this award. Self-nominations are also accepted. The letter should stress the nominee’s achievements in dissemination of knowledge relating to SoTL.
  2. Statement of the nominee’s SoTL philosophy (100 words maximum).
  3. Summary of the nominee’s SoTL accomplishments and impact of their SoTL research (200 words maximum).
  4. Curriculum Vitae with SoTL research and grants highlighted. Applicants may include brief annotations in the CV to help the committee understand why specific entries fit into the SoTL category.
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