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22nd Annual Emergency Management Higher Education Symposium

June 1-4, 2020

Emergency Management Institute

National Emergency Training Center, Emmitsburg, MD

Higher Education Symposium Information

Higher Education Program

The FEMA Strategic Plan states that “meeting the emerging challenges of 21st century disasters and the changing nature of the risks we face requires innovation and engagement with the whole community, including academia, emergency management professional organizations, and the private sector, to harness the collective creativity to solve our toughest challenges.”

The mission of the Higher Education Program is to engage academia, emergency management professional organizations, and practitioners to work together to foster a culture of continuous learning and innovation through education and research to meet the challenges that confront the Nation.

Since 1994, the Higher Education Program has helped foster growth in the academic community to include more than 692 college and university-based programs in emergency management, homeland security, and related fields.

For more information go to The College List. If you have questions, please contact Barbara Johnson at Please note: many of the linked websites are not Federal websites and may not operate under the same laws, regulations and policies.

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