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NOTE: The Trainer Program does not provide certification of its participants, or use of a title or ability to use a certification acronym in their signature line as a result of completion of any of the certificates under this training program.

The Basic Instructor Certificate provides entry-level personnel assigned to implement and deliver curriculum in support of courses, training programs and training activities, and an introduction to instructing students in a classroom environment. An emphasis is placed on communication skills, instructional skills, and basic learning theory. A certificate of completion for the Basic Instructor Certificate will be awarded upon completion of required courses. Please contact Matthew Prager at regarding the award of the Basic Instructor Certificate.

Application Requirements: Participants will enroll in the required classroom courses through the NETC Admissions process for courses offered by EMI. Online courses may be completed via the EMI Independent Study Program located at

Required Courses for Certificate Completion:

Effective Communication (IS-242)

And one of the following courses:

Instructional Presentation and Evaluation Skills (E141)

Instructor Training Certification (PER-266)

Instructor Development Workshop (MGT-323)

Course Descriptions:

Effective Communication (IS-242)
Available online from EMI’s Independent Study program (, this course addresses basic communication skills, effective oral communication, and how to prepare an oral presentation.

Instructional Presentation and Evaluation Skills (E141)
A course for laymen, it introduces the practicalities of conducting successful interactions, managing the classroom experience, and making presentations. The course covers the basics of adult learning and training evaluation. Participants have several opportunities to practice presentation and instructional skills. Please visit the EMI web pages at to see when the E0141 course is scheduled, and at for information on how to enroll in the course.

Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) Instructor Training Certification (PER-266). This course provides the responder with an overview of instruction on adult learning, task analysis, risk and hazard analysis, learning objectives and lesson plans, communication skills, instructional delivery and multimedia, testing and evaluations, and the After Action Review (AAR). Participants will complete practical exercises that require the responder to perform tasks associated with course lessons. Please visit the CDP website at to find more information regarding this course and CDP admissions policies.

National Center for Biomedical Research and Training (NCBRT) Instructor Development Workshop (MGT-323). This course primarily serves to give insight into adult education and enhance the instructional skills and styles of instructors. Topics covered include characteristics of adult learners; instructional strategies; communication and presentation skills; learner engagement; monitoring, assessing, and evaluating learning; and classroom challenges. This course emphasizes the active, learner-centered style of delivery and student experience. Please visit the NCBRT website at to find more information about this course and how to schedule it in your jurisdiction.

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