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2023 National Preparedness Symposium (NPS)

May 23-25, 2023, EMI will host the 2023 National Preparedness Symposium in Emmitsburg, Maryland, on campus at the National Emergency Training Center (NETC)

The Theme of the 2023 NPS will be Enhancing your Preparedness Toolbox

The purpose of the Symposium is to ensure key preparedness personnel at the state, territorial, tribal, and local level have current and accurate information related to training, exercises, and planning.

The NPS provides a collaborative environment for emergency management training, exercise and planning personnel to engage peers, receive information on available guidance, tools, and resources, and discuss current and future programs and initiatives.

Attendees of the NPS will gain knowledge of elements that they can implement, modify, or validate in their preparedness programs, that will contribute to improved outcomes.

The primary audience for the symposium is state and territorial emergency management personnel serving in training, exercise or planning roles such as State Administrative Point of Contact (SAA POC), State Training Officer (STO), Exercise and Planning officials.

The Symposium also seeks representation from other emergency management training and exercise leaders representing tribal governments, counties, cities, and underserved populations. States will be requested to select at least one non-state member of their delegation.

EMI will also be seeking participation from the private sector and non-governmental organizations.

FEMA headquarters, schoolhouses and affiliated training, exercise and planning partners participate to provide information, answer questions, and coordinate future support opportunities.

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