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IS-201.A: Forms Used for the Development of the Incident Action Plan and Incident Management

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Course Overview

The purpose of this course is to provide you with an overview of standard ICS forms and an opportunity to see how we apply them within the incident action planning process. There are many variations of FEMA’s ICS forms that individual states and communities may use. However, this course will strictly focus on the FEMA ICS forms.

We will also walk through how to complete the necessary forms throughout the various phases of the operational planning cycle (the Planning P).

Course Objectives:

  • Describe how an Incident Action Plan (IAP) is developed consistent with the Planning P using ICS forms.
  • Identify and describe standard NIMS ICS forms used to support the development of an IAP during the initial response phase of an incident.
  • Identify and describe NIMS ICS forms used to support the development and dissemination of incident objectives, strategies, and tactics for the upcoming operational period.
  • Identify and describe NIMS ICS forms used to develop and disseminate work orders, assignments, and supporting plans based on the tactics outlined in the IAP.
  • Identify and describe ICS forms used to manage and track the status of incident resources from deployment through demobilization.

Primary Audience

The Target Audience for this course are the emergency management and response personnel who may be called upon to function in a Command, General Staff, or Unit Leader position during a significant incident or event, and who may be called upon to help prepare some portion of the Incident Action Plan.





Course Length:

3.8 hours
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