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Following a March 2020 announcement that it would temporarily suspend in-person, campus-based training delivery, and subsequent July 2020 announcement regarding training resumption, FEMA will not re-open its campuses on August 2, 2020, as anticipated.

FEMA's top priority remains the health and safety of FEMA employees, instructors, students, and visitors on campus, without compromising instruction quality and the student experience. Therefore, FEMA will suspend in-person training and education at both the National Emergency Training Center (NETC) and Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) through at least October 1.

FEMA will continue to monitor the coronavirus pandemic and communicate updates or changes in conditions that may affect reopening of FEMA campuses.

Who Should Attend An IEMC

  1. Mayor/County Executive
  2. City/County Manager
  3. City/County Attorney
  4. City/County Council Member
  5. Public Information Officer
  6. School Superintendent
  7. Jurisdiction Elected/Appointed Official
  8. Jurisdiction Department Head
  9. Police Chief/Sheriff
  10. Asst. Chief/Deputy Sheriff
  11. Police/Sheriff Operations Officer
  12. State Police EOC Representative
  13. State Police Operations
  14. Watch Commander
  15. Corrections Officer
  16. Police/Sheriff Dispatcher
  17. Fire Chief
  18. Assistant Fire Chief
  19. Battalion Chief
  20. Fire Operations Officer
  21. HazMat Specialist
  22. Fire Marshal
  23. Fire Dispatcher
  24. Public Health Director/Officer
  25. Environmental Health Officer
  26. Assistant Public Health Officer
  27. Hospital Administrator
  28. Epidemiologist
  29. Infection Control
  30. Public Health Laboratory
  31. Medical Examiner/Coroner
  32. EMS/Medical Services Chief
  33. EMS Operations
  34. EMS Dispatcher
  35. Mental Health Services Specialist
  1. Public Works Director
  2. Assistant Public Works Director
  3. Water Superintendent
  4. Street Superintendent
  5. Sewer Superintendent
  6. Building and Safety Official
  7. Electric Company Representative
  8. Gas Company Representative
  9. Water Dept. Representative
  10. Telephone Company Representative
  11. Public Works Dispatcher
  12. Dept. of Transportation/Highways
  13. Public/Mass Transportation
  14. Airport Manager
  15. City/County Planning Official
  16. Finance Department
  17. Parks and Recreation
  18. Social Service Agency Case Officer
  19. School Safety Officer
  20. School Resource Officer
  21. Housing Department Official
  22. Private Industry
  23. Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Member
  24. National Guard Member
  25. Information Center Specialist
  26. Citizen Corps Member/CERT
  27. Volunteer Organization Active in Disaster (VOAD) personnel (e.g., Red Cross, Salvation Army, faith-based orgs.)
  28. State/City/County Emergency Manager
  29. Assistant Emergency Manager
  30. State Emergency Management
  31. EOC Operations Staff
  32. GIS Technical Specialist
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