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Origins of EMI: April 1, 1951

EMI 70 Year Logo EMI origins trace to the Civil Defense Staff College (CDSC) in Olney, Maryland, teaching civil defense courses in program administration and finance

Origins of EMI: Civil Defense Staff College

EMI traces its heritage from the former National Civil Defense Staff College (CDSC) that was developed and conducted in response to the cold war. To facilitate meeting this national threat, the federal government opened the training facility and rescue school in Olney, Maryland in 1951. April 1, 1951 marked the stand-up of the Staff College. The first course was titled – Civil Defense Administration.

CDSC continued teaching courses in program administration and finance, civil defense operations, and radiological monitoring among others, to state and local personnel until 1954 when cold war concerns heightened and a new location soon became an imparivite.

Chapter 2: Sanctuary at "The SAN"