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The application period for the Fiscal Year 2020 offering on the Master PIO Program is now open.

Click here for information on the application process. Deadline is June 30, 2019.

Master Public Information Officer Program

Program Description

The Master Public Information Officer Program is a three-course series that prepares public information officers for an expanded role in delivering public information and warning using a strategic whole community approach.

The program reinforces the qualities needed to lead whole community public information/external affairs programs, provides relevant management theories and concepts, and uses case studies to enhance public information/external affairs skill sets. MPIOP participants work within a collaborative environment on projects and establish a network of peers.

MPIOP participants will contribute to the body of knowledge for emergency management related public information. This includes evaluation of leadership, group dynamics and functional best practices of joint information centers (JICs) by monitoring student activity during advanced public information officer course offerings.

Master PIO student papers can be found at this link.

E0389 – Master Public Information Officer Part 1

E0393 – Master Public Information Officer Part 2

E0394 – master Public information Officer Part 3


  • Demonstrate how to use networking to influence programs, organizations and environments by conducting a networking activity;
  • Describe how to explain to stakeholders the importance of engaging community executives in communications planning by applying the whole community concept to an analytical activity;
  • Assess science-based research methods available to grow the Public Information body of knowledge by drafting initial ideas for the individual capstone project;
  • Examine leadership lessons by participating in a group Executive Reading session;
  • Apply the basic concepts of Disaster Behavioral Health by analyzing a case study;
  • Promote public information training and exercises in the organization and community by developing a community or agency specific training and exercises plan;
  • Contrast strategic and executive concepts for a public information case study; and
  • Implement the next steps of the Master Public Information Officer program.


  • Discuss organizational analysis in preparation for analysis of a joint information center functional exercise;
  • Discuss techniques for analyzing interpersonal relationships within a Joint Information Center during a functional exercise;
  • Design a process for analyzing a joint information center functional exercise;
  • Analyze a functional exercise for personnel management trends, best practices leadership practice;
  • Evaluate interpersonal relationships as they pertain to joint information center practice during a functional exercise;
  • Design a report outlining results of the functional exercise analysis that will contribute to the public information body of knowledge.


  • Develop body of knowledge report through consolidated review of multiple joint information center functional exercise analysis reports;
  • Propose how strategic PIO leaders coordinate the actions of stakeholders and emergency management agencies to achieve a common purpose; and
  • Design, Develop and implement a research project to contribute to the public information body of knowledge.


MPIOP is for public information officers with a minimum of five (5) years’ experience as a full time public information officer with a demonstrated sphere of influence capable of advancing the relevance of whole community external affairs.

Application Process

The annual application process is typically announced in spring and will normally close June 30th.

For more information FEMA-Master_PIO_Program@FEMA.DHS.GOV

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