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IAEM Crosswalk for EMPP

The EMPP academies provide a structured and progressive framework for emergency managers to acquire the knowledge, skills, and abilities to progress through their professional development and meet the challenges of a dynamic and complex emergency management environment. The entire EMPP curriculum is designed to provide a lifetime of learning for a career in emergency management. The Basic Academy is designed to develop the next generation of emergency managers. The Advanced Academy provides professional development in contemporary concepts and issues for mid-career emergency managers. The Executive Academy challenges and enhances the talents of the Nation’s emergency management executives through the application of critical thinking, visionary strategic planning, and managing the complex real-world problems in today’s emergency management environment.

Now, not only does the EMPP provide the opportunity to receive a comprehensive education in the key aspects of professional development throughout a career in emergency management, but the academies are also a pathway toward achieving certification or recertification of the Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) credential. When asked about their experiences with the EMPP Academies, 97% of graduates indicated the skills they learned from the academies helped them do their jobs better. Additionally, 93% EMPP graduates believed their participation in the academies helped them to add value to their organizations.

For more information go to the IAEM Resource Center or download the IAEM Crosswalk for EMPP

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