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National Emergency Management Basic Academy

E/L0110 – Train the Trainer

Course Overview

The Basic Academy Train-the-Trainer consists of two days of discussions about course objectives, how to set up and facilitate the class, time management, and other general topics. The last three days consist of student teach backs that summarize portions of the Basic Academy course subject matter and describe activities and exercises with time for critique and questions.

All topics areas in the Basic Academy courses are covered in the Train-the-Trainer to support a training experience that combines knowledge of all fundamental systems, concepts, and practices of cutting-edge emergency management. The Academy provides shared classrooms of adult learners and skillful instructors resulting in a solid foundation upon which to build further studies and sound decisions

Selection Criteria

This course is intended for those emergency managers and trainers from Federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial emergency management agencies who have extensive background in emergency management and experience in training adults.

  • Minimum five (5) years’ experience in emergency management (recommended to be current practitioners)
  • Proven and proficient capability to deliver and facilitate training (EMI resume/ recommendation review)
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the fundamental systems, concepts, and current practices in emergency management
  • Resume detailing responsibilities, authority and length of time in profession
  • Effectiveness teaching emergency management to adults
  • Documentation of at least three years’ experience teaching emergency management to adults


Participants of the course have met the following selection requirements:

  • Five years of experience in Emergency Management
  • Three years of classroom training experience in adult learning

Also, it is highly recommended to complete the Basic Academy curriculum before taking this course as most of the host training managers require before instructing:

Documentation for Application

Attach and submit the following documents when you apply for the ELK0110 course via the NETC online application

  • Prerequisites – attach any or all the recommended prerequires completed
  • Resume – 1 to 3-page resume summarizing emergency management experience and ability to deliver / facilitate emergency management concepts to adult learners outlined in the selection criteria.
  • Commitment Statement – Download and complete the Basic Academy TTT Commitment Statement

For more information about the National Emergency Management Basic Academy, contact (301) 447-1383

Course Length

5 days



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