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How to Apply to the FY23 National Emergency Management Executive Academy

The Emergency Management Institute (EMI) Emergency Management Professional Program Branch will start accepting applications for the Executive Academy from April 1 – June 1, 2022 for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 Cohort. A formal selection board will convene to review the application packages with an announcement of the results made to applicants in August.

There are a limited number of spaces for the Cohort and applications are expected to be very competitive in nature. Applicants should first look at the entire Emergency Management Professional Program (EMPP) website to gauge for which Academy they are best suited. Executive Academy Applicants are encouraged to review all selection and application requirements before submitting their application package.

Application packages will be reviewed by the selection committee.  Application Package Documents  must be submitted to the National Emergency Management Executive Academy mailbox at:  

The Application Package Document questionnaire is the only document to fill out for application to the program.  There are spaces within the document for your resume, recommendation letter and personal letter.  Any attachments other than the required Application Package documents will not be considered.  Incomplete application packages will not be considered by the selection panel.

This document needs to be downloaded and saved to your PC prior to filling it out. This one document, which is a fillable PDF Form, is all you need to send to to be considered for this program. 

This form includes:

  • Candidate Information
  • cover letter requesting consideration for admission to the program and specifying the applicant’s qualifications and expectations of the program. 
  • Resume
  • Executive Academy Commitment Statement.  This indicates commitment to complete the entire program, which consists of the four resident courses at EMI and the Capstone Project.
  • Academy Questionnaire
  • Recommendation letter from your Supervisor.
  • Signatures.  This page has a location for the electronic signatures of both the applicant and the applicant’s supervisor. 

Once the Application Package is complete with signatures, save the document as a PDF file with the following file naming convention: 

  • LastnameFirstname.EA.FY23.  Example:  SmithJessica.EA.FY23

This is the ONLY document to be submitted for application to the program.  Do NOT submit individual documents (example:  resume, recommendation letter, etc.)  If you experience any difficulty in filling out the form, please email for further instructions.

Application Selection Criteria

Applications will be evaluated based on the following requirements:

  • Demonstrated depth and breadth of experience in an EM position, or
  • Applicable work experience will be considered for exceptional candidates.

Tentative Course Dates for FY23

Cohort FY23

  • E0680 – March 6-9, 2023
  • E0682 – April 24-27, 2023
  • E0684 – June 12-15, 2023
  • E0686 – July 31-August 3, 2023

Tuition and Travel Reimbursement

There is no cost for tuition. Some individuals may be eligible for stipend reimbursement.


  • State, local or tribal government representatives.
  • Recognized volunteer organization representatives.
  • Active emergency management organization representatives.
  • Representatives from state or local fire organizations.


  • Federal government. (Federal students are subject to federal travel regulations and travel under orders prepared by their office.)
  • Private industry employees.
  • Employees who are contracted to federal, state or local government entities (such as rural-metro departments).
  • Representatives of a foreign organization.

For information about travel reimbursement eligibility and procedures, see the NETC Welcome Package at:

If you have any questions about your eligibility to receive a stipend, please contact Admissions either by email at or by phone at 301-447-1035.

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