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How to Apply to the National Emergency Management Executive Academy

It is expected that the applications for these limited number of spaces will be very competitive in nature. Applicants should first look at the entire Emergency Management Professional Program (EMPP) website to gauge which Academy they best fit in. Executive Academy Applicants are encouraged to carefully review all selection and application elements before submitting their application package.

Application packages will be reviewed by a selection committee and require the following four items.

  1. A FEMA Form 119-25-1 General Admissions Application Form.
  2. The National Emergency Management Executive Academy Application (under revision), which includes a Commitment Statement.
  3. A letter of recommendation from a direct supervisor or head of the applicant's sponsoring organization.
  4. A resume.

To Submit Your Executive Academy Application Package

Applications must be submitted following EMI's standard application process. For details see: Included on this page are instructions about where to send your application package. Please note that State and Local applicants should forward their application to the appropriate State Emergency Management Agency for Emergency Management Services.

Admissions will process applications for the Executive Academy from February 1 - May 15 (for the next fiscal year cohort). For more information concerning the National Emergency Management Executive Academy and the application process, please visit or contact Kelly Garrett at (301)447-1535 or

Our admissions committee will select the most qualified applicants while ensuring a mixture of communities of practices. Applicants will be rated based on:

  • Current position and responsibilities
  • Executive-level emergency management leadership experience
  • Past and projected contributions to emergency management policy
  • Capacity to benefit from and positively influence the Executive Academy and the Cohort experience

Tuition and Travel Reimbursement

There is no cost for tuition. Some individuals may be eligible for stipend reimbursement.


  • State, local or tribal government representatives.
  • Recognized volunteer organization representatives.
  • Active emergency management organization representatives.
  • Representatives from state or local fire organizations.


  • Federal government. (Federal students are subject to federal travel regulations and travel under orders prepared by their office.)
  • Private industry employees.
  • Employees who are contracted to federal, state or local government entities (such as rural-metro departments).
  • Representatives of a foreign organization.

For information about travel reimbursement eligibility and procedures, see the NETC Welcome Package at:

If you have any questions about your eligibility to receive a stipend, please contact Admissions either by email at or by phone at 301-447-1035.

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