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EMI Monthly Newsletter

In January 2021, the Emergency Management Institute (EMI) launched the EMI Monthly Newsletter to share timely news and information to our stakeholders. The EMI Monthly Newsletter provides up-to-date information, including What’s New; Highlights and news from EMI; Updates from the EMI Branches; Course scheduling, development, and availability information; Frequently Asked Questions (Ask a Course Manager), and contact information for each of the EMI Branches.

Volume 3, 2023

  • Over 2 Million Completions

    EMI Reaches Over 2 Million Completions in Calendar Year 2022. Although completions are usually reported by the Fiscal Year, EMI is pleased to report that there were over 2 million course completions in Calendar Year 2022.

    • By Dan Lubman, National Training Liasion
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    • Volume 3, Issue 1
    • Over 2 Million Completions
    • Information Sharing Access Agreement (ISAA):
    • News from the EMI Branches