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Following a March 2020 announcement that it would temporarily suspend in-person, campus-based training delivery, and subsequent July 2020 announcement regarding training resumption, FEMA will not re-open its campuses on August 2, 2020, as anticipated.

FEMA's top priority remains the health and safety of FEMA employees, instructors, students, and visitors on campus, without compromising instruction quality and the student experience. Therefore, FEMA will suspend in-person training and education at both the National Emergency Training Center (NETC) and Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) through at least October 1.

FEMA will continue to monitor the coronavirus pandemic and communicate updates or changes in conditions that may affect reopening of FEMA campuses.

FY20 courses are full, applications are no longer being accept

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Master Exercise Practitioner Program?


    The Master Exercise Practitioner Program (MEPP) is a series of two in resident courses (E0132, E0133) focusing on advanced exercise design, conduct and evaluation practices in each phase of the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP). A Capstone project is also required within one year of completion of the E0133 course.

  2. How do I apply for the Master Exercise Practitioner Program?
  3. Do I fit the Target Audience of the course?


    The MEPP Series is designed for experienced individuals with significant responsibilities for progressive, all-hazard exercise programs consistent with the principles in the HSEEP doctrine. Ideal candidates will have 3-5 years’ experience designing and conducting emergency management exercises consistent with the HSEEP Doctrine. This experience should include the development of discussion-based and operations-based exercises and experience in a Simulation Cell (SIMCELL). Candidates are expected to have overall experience with Exercise Program Management as well as individual experience in the following roles:

    • Exercise Planning Team Leader
    • Facilitator
    • Controller/Simulator
    • Evaluator

    Each MEPP Series will represent the Whole Community approach and include exercise staff from the following:

    • State, local, tribal and territorial emergency management/homeland security exercise programs
    • Federal Agencies
    • Non-profit/Voluntary organizations
    • Private sector
  4. What are the pre-requisites required? Do I have to complete them all before applying?


    Yes, all pre-requisites must be complete prior to submitting an application. Pre-requisite information can be found here:

  5. How much does the MEP Program cost?


    There is no cost for the training, however, if you represent an agency that is not eligible for reimbursement, you/your agency will be responsible for funding your travel to Emmitsburg, MD, your lodging ($40/night on campus), and your meal ticket (approximately $125/week). If you have questions regarding your eligibility for reimbursement, please contact NETC Admissions at (301) 447-1035.

  6. When are dates for the next Fiscal Year course offerings announced?


    Generally, dates are posted to the website in the Spring (April).

  7. Is there a waiting list I can get on?


    No. There is a waiting list for current applicants in the current fiscal year and it is not open to outside applicants that did not meet the application deadline window (Closes July 1). This is a one-year waiting list. If you did not get in, you will need to re-apply the following year.

  8. Do you accept students representing the private sector?


    Yes. The review panel makes every attempt to accept qualified applicants representing private sector entities that reflect the Whole Community.

  9. How are applications reviewed?


    Applications are reviewed first by NETC Admissions to ensure completeness. Next, a panel of EMI Employees reviews the MEP Application Questionnaire from each applicant. Each applicant is discussed for best fit in a series based on the Target Audience identified here and whole community representation.

  10. I submitted an incomplete application – will it still be considered for selection?


    NETC Admissions reviews the applications for completeness prior to the panels review. If an application is determined to be incomplete, NETC Admissions will notify the applicant and provide an opportunity to complete. The additional items will need to be provided to NETC Admissions within five (5) days of notification to ensure timely review.

  11. Will I be notified of acceptance either way?


    Yes, NETC Admissions will notify all applicants via email of their status.

  12. How do I know if I am eligible for reimbursement?


    Please call NETC Admissions at (301) 447-1035 to ask any questions regarding reimbursement eligibility.

  13. Why didn't I get in?


    Generally, applicants are denied accepted for two reasons. #1 – incomplete application package, most often incomplete pre-requisite requirements. #2 – Lack of demonstrated experience to successfully contribute to in-class discussions and proficiency demonstrations.

  14. If I apply and am not selected, do I have to re-apply the following year?


    Yes. Applications are only good for the year in which they were submitted. Requirements are revised and updated each year to determine selection of the proper target audience and whole community representation.

  15. Where can I find a classroom-version of HSEEP and/or the HSEEP schedule?


    The L0146 HSEEP course is a classroom-based delivery that is scheduled by individual jurisdictions and completely supported by the local jurisdiction as well. You can find where and when these courses are scheduled by accessing the Emergency Management Institute's website at:

    The K0146 HSEEP Webinar course is conducted online by the Emergency Management Institute and you can find when this course scheduled by clicking here:

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