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Master Exercise Practitioner Program

The Master Exercise Practitioner Program is a series of two classroom courses (E0132, E0133) focusing on advanced program management, exercise design and evaluation practices in each phase of the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP). A MEPP Capstone exercise project is required within one year after the completion of E0133.

MEPP candidates work within a collaborative environment on exercise design challenges and establish a network of peers. Candidates are assigned to an Exercise Planning Team where they are to demonstrate their expertise at all levels of exercise design and conduct through in-class teach backs and the individual MEPP Capstone Project.

MEPP is designed for mid-level exercise practitioners with a minimum of three (3) Years’ experience in an Emergency Management (EM) exercise design. Participants refine and practice skills critical to performing the phases of the HSEEP cycle, such as exercise program management, MSEL writing and evaluation data analysis. Candidates apply the key learning concepts from the MEPP curriculum relative to their organizations and their own jurisdictional environments.

Candidates must complete the training requirements in this order without exception. Candidates should apply for the specific series that best fits their schedule (see schedule link at left). If accepted into the program, candidates must complete the courses with their assigned series.

Foundations, Program Management, Design and Development
Conduct, Exercise Evaluation and Improvement Planning
  • Core Capabilities in Exercise Program Management
  • Using THIRA/SPR in your TEP
  • SMART Objectives in Discussion and Ops based exercises
  • Analysis from home/come prepared with the following documents for peer review and best practice discussion: TEP, TEPW, SitMan, ExPlan
  • Beyond the templates – Expanding HSEEP templates and making them work for you
  • Advanced Facilitation Strategies
  • Exercise Conduct: Sharing best practices
  • Where do Critical Tasks come from
  • Importance of Root Cause Analysis
  • Teach Back: Case study in Corrective Action Programs
  • Analysis from home/come prepared with the following documents for peer review and best practice discussion: EEG, Participant Briefings, Hot Wash
INDIVIDUAL PROFICIENCY DEMONSTRATION: Candidates will have ONE YEAR to complete a full exercise package, either full-scale or functional (no TTX), and present their exercise to a review board of SME’s. This will be conducted virtually, via VTC, FaceTime or Adobe Connect. Candidates should also include a video highlighting clips of their exercise being conducted.
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