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The application period for FY2018 will open on June 1, 2017 and close July 1, 2017.
Dates for the FY18 offerings will also be posted at that time.

Master Exercise Practitioner Program

The Master Exercise Practitioner Program (MEPP) is a series of three courses (E0132, E0133 and E0136) focusing on advanced exercise design, conduct and evaluation practices in each phase of the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP). The Master Exercise Practitioner Program assigns candidates to an Exercise Planning Team where they are challenged to demonstrate their expertise at all levels of exercise design and conduct through in-class and take-home proficiency demonstrations. Candidates apply best practices and lessons learned from their organizations and experiences as well as key learning concepts from the MEPP curriculum to their exercise planning team assignments.

The three week resident program is held three times a year at FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute (EMI) in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

Candidates must complete the training requirements in this order without exception. Candidates should apply for the specific series that best fits their schedules (see schedule link at left). If accepted into the program, candidates must complete the courses with their assigned series.

Discussion-Based Exercise Design and Evaluation
Operations-Based Exercise Design and Evaluation
Master Exercise Practitioner Capstone Course
This course focuses on discussion-based exercises. Candidates will be assigned an exercise planning team and will be challenged to develop a Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan, Seminar and Tabletop exercise. Proficiency Demonstrations (exercise design and conduct as part of an exercise planning team) are incorporated to allow candidates to demonstrate their skills and abilities. Emphasis is placed on:
  • Progressive Exercise Program (PEP) building
  • Facilitation best practices
  • HSEEP template building
This course focuses on operations-based exercises. Exercise planning teams arechallenged to design, conduct and evaluate a functional exercise. Emphasis is placed on:
  • Exercise simulation and control
  • HSEEP template building
This course focuses on full-scale exercises. Exercises Planning Teams are challenged to design, develop, conduct and evaluate a community-wide full-scale exercise. Emphases is placed on:
  • Staffing and training teams in control, simulation and evaluation.
  • Development of expected player actions and points of review.
  • HSEEP template building
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