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The Emergency Management Institute (EMI) Master Trainer Program (MTP)

NOTE: The Master Trainer Program does not provide certification of its participants, or use of a title or ability to use a certification acronym in their signature line as a result of completion of any of the certificates under this training program.

Building national capability through training...


Protecting the population is a primary responsibility of Government, and fulfilling this responsibility depends on the skills and abilities of emergency personnel to respond in a timely and proficient manner when disaster strikes.

Developing professional and competent emergency personnel requires a community-wide commitment to ensure that all individuals involved in emergency response and support activities have the skills they need to perform under stressful conditions. At the heart of any comprehensive training program are the trainers who design, teach, and evaluate the many training programs that provide basic entry level skills and advanced technical skill specializations. The Emergency Management Institute’s (EMI) Master Trainer Program is designed to develop a cadre of training professionals capable of performing all training functions from analyzing training needs to the design, development, delivery, evaluation, and management of training activities with the goal of achieving excellence through training.


Training officers, training staff, and training officials that perform instructional delivery, design and develop curriculum, and manage training programs.


The Master Trainer Program is designed to provide training professionals a means to acquire knowledge and skills in various areas of the training profession and at various levels of expertise. The program is comprised of seven separate certificate programs, at basic through advanced and executive levels, in the areas of Instruction, Instructional Design, and Training Management.

click map Basic Instructor Certificate Basic Instructional Design Certificate Instructor Certificate Instructional Design Certificate Master Trainer Certificate Management Certificate Master Trainer Certificate Master Trainer Certificate Master Trainer Certificate Executive Training Management Certificate Non Selectable Area

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