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IS-31.A: Mitigation eGrants for the Grant Applicant

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Course Overview

This interactive computer-based course is part of a series of courses designed to provide various users with basic knowledge about using the web-based Mitigation Electronic Grants (eGrants) Management System. This course is specifically targeted to Grant Applicants.

The eGrants system is a part of the eGovernment initiative. eGrants helps to streamline the application process by providing Grant Applicants (States, Territories, and Federally-recognized Indian Tribal governments) the ability to apply for and manage their grant applications and to manage subgrant applications from their subgrant applicants (local officials). This course explores the 3 main grant applicant functions:

  • Administration (set preferences for subgrant users, manage subgrant user registrations)
  • Applications (reviewing subgrant applications, completing grant applications, etc.)
  • Monitoring (Accept/Not Accept Award packages, complete quarterly reports, etc.)

This course is designed to allow the users to take it in its entirety or to focus on specific aspects of the Mitigation eGrants System.

Course Objectives:

  1. Manage the grantee administrative function
  2. Complete, update, submit, and review the status of grant as subgrant applications
  3. Input paper intake subgrant applications
  4. Review subgrant applications
  5. Complete, update, submit, and review the status of grant applications
  6. Review and accept/not accept award packages
  7. Complete and submit quarterly reports

Primary Audience

Grant applicants—including state officials, federally recognized Indian Tribal governments, and territory officials.





Course Length:

7 hours
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