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IS-340: Hazardous Materials Prevention

Course Date


Course Overview

Welcome to the IS-340 Hazardous Materials Prevention and Planning Course. Hazardous materials pose a continuing and growing emergency risk for local jurisdictions across the nation. The effectiveness of local response to hazardous materials emergencies depends upon the skill and expertise of local responders, and the quality of local response plans and training. The Emergency Management Institute EMI) has designed this course to assist States, Tribes and local communities to better prepare for and respond to hazardous materials incidents (HMI).

Hazardous materials plan development is a difficult and challenging job that requires a high level of skill and knowledge from planners charged with these responsibilities. Due to local funding shortages and frequent staff turnover at the state and local levels in the planning arena, and because of the complexity of hazardous materials planning requirements, there continues to exist a significant performance problem and training requirement for hazardous materials planning. This course will provide you the assistance and confidence needed to effectively plan for and respond to HMI, through sound emergency planning and with the highest level of safety for response personnel within your jurisdiction.

Course Objectives:

The course will consist of nine lessons, excluding the Course Introduction. It will be interactive and conclude with an end of course examination. The Units will address: Why Plan for HazMat Incidents? The Basis for HazMat Planning; Beginning the Planning Process; Identifying Hazards; Analyzing Vulnerabilities; Establishing Response Priorities; Assessing Resources; Developing the HazMat Appendix and a Course Summary.

Primary Audience

The target audience for this course are members of the LEPC, local Emergency Managers (EM), hazardous materials coordinators, inspectors, as well as members of local law enforcement, fire, and the media.





Course Length:

10 hours
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