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National Emergency Training Center Online Admissions Application

Welcome to the NETC on-line admissions application. Students applying for NETC training for the Emergency Management Institute (EMI) and the National Fire Academy (NFA) should submit applications for courses via the link below. Over time NETC will be discontinuing the practice of students submitting paper applications (FEMA Form 119-25-1).

Apply for EMI and NFA Training below at:

NETC Online Admissions Application

NETC Campus Aerial Photo

Helpful Hints in Applying for Training:

  • Know the EMI or NFA course code for the training you are applying for prior to beginning the application process (see catalogs at or
  • Know your FEMA Student Identification (SID) number prior to applying for a course; if you do not have a SID number please obtain one at
  • If the training you are applying for requires you to submit any form of supporting documentation (e.g. resume, checklist, transcripts, organizational charts, recommendations, prerequisite training completions, exercise experience, etc.) please prepare this documentation in PDF form prior to applying for the course. If you do not know how to prepare a PDF document please seek information technology (IT) support.
  • All EMI and NFA applications require an electronic approval from the head of your sponsoring organization. You will need the name, title, and email address of this person to submit the application.
  • Non-Federal applicants for EMI courses must use the appropriate State Training Officer (STO) as “Head of Organization”. STO contact information can be found here

Note: The current version of the on-line admissions application is not compatible with mobile devices.