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Previous National Dam Safety Technical Seminars

Year Host Seminar Theme
2022 NDSPTS Managing Aging Dam and Levee Infrastructure NDSPTS #29
2021 NDSPTS Risk Informed Decision Making and Benefit Cost Analysis for Dam and Levee Projects #28
2020 NDSPTS Dam and Levee Resiliency in the Era of Intensifying Natural Hazards and Climate Conditions #27
2019 NDSPTS Information Sharing and Risk Communication on the Hazards Associated with Dams and Levees #26
2018 NDSPTS Sustaining Public Trust through Effective Emergency Management #25
2017 NDSPTS Interim Risk Reduction Measures and Rehabilitation #24
2016 NDSPTS Internal Evaluation Techniques for Earthen Dams #23
2015 NDSPTS Dam Breach Modeling and Consequence Assessment #22
2014 NDSPTS Current and Available Guidelines, Tools, and Resources for Dam Design, Evaluation, Remediation, Operation, and Maintenance #21
2013 NDSPTS Overtopping Protection for Dams #20
2012 NDSPTS Filters, Drains, and Geotextiles in Dams and Levees #19
2011 NDSPTS Instrumentation and Remote Operations #18
2010 NDSPTS Risk and Risk Management in Dam Safety #17
2009 NDSPTS Handling Dam Safety Emergencies #16
2008 NDSPTS Lessons Learned from Dam Failures and Incidents #15
2007 NDSPTS Pitfalls of Embankment Dams #14
2006 NDSPTS Implementing Remedial Measures #13
2005 NDSPTS Potential Failure Mode Analysis and Monitoring #12
2004 NDSPTS Addressing Hydrologic Inadequacy #11
2003 NDSPTS Dam Site Security, Threat, Consequences, Vulnerability #10
2002 NDSPTS Responding to Dam Safety Emergencies #9
2001 NDSPTS Inspections, Evaluation and Follow-up #8
2000 NDSPTS Spillway Gates - Critical Aspect of Dam Safety #7
1999 ICODS Piping Associated with Conduits through Embankment Dams #6
1998 ICODS Application of Mitigation Strategies for Dam Safety #5
1997 ICODS Development of Ground Motion Parameters for Dams Safety Evaluation #4
1996 ICODS Dam Breach Analysis and Maximum Precipitation #3
1995 ICODS Seepage, Piping, and Remedial Measures #2
1993 ICODS Earthquake Engineering #1
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