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Maintenance 3:00 - 7:00 AM November 19th, 2018

Beginning Monday, November 19th, 2018 at 3:00 AM EST will be down for maintenance. Access to exams will not be possible during this maintenance period. Service is expected to resume by Monday November 19th, 2018 at approximately 7:00 AM EST. Please contact CDP if you experience any issues with your SID outside of this maintenance window.

EMI Goes Green: Student course materials will no longer be available in printed format as common practice. Learn more about EMI's efforts to go green, and details about downloading student materials.

Previous National Dam Safety Technical Seminars

Year Host Topics
2018 NDSPTS Sustaining Public Trust through Effective Emergency Management #25
2017 NDSPTS Interim Risk Reduction Measures and Rehabilitation #24
2016 NDSPTS Internal Evaluation Techniques for Earthen Dams #23
2015 NDSPTS Dam Breach Modeling and Consequence Assessment #22
2014 NDSPTS Current and Available Guidelines, Tools, and Resources for Dam Design, Evaluation, Remediation, Operation, and Maintenance #21
2013 NDSPTS Overtopping Protection for Dams #20
2012 NDSPTS Filters, Drains, and Geotextiles in Dams and Levees #19
2011 NDSPTS Instrumentation and Remote Operations #18
2010 NDSPTS Risk and Risk Management in Dam Safety #17
2009 NDSPTS Handling Dam Safety Emergencies #16
2008 NDSPTS Lessons Learned from Dam Failures and Incidents #15
2007 NDSPTS Pitfalls of Embankment Dams #14
2006 NDSPTS Implementing Remedial Measures #13
2005 NDSPTS Potential Failure Mode Analysis and Monitoring #12
2004 NDSPTS Addressing Hydrologic Inadequacy #11
2003 NDSPTS Dam Site Security, Threat, Consequences, Vulnerability #10
2002 NDSPTS Responding to Dam Safety Emergencies #9
2001 NDSPTS Inspections, Evaluation and Followup #8
2000 NDSPTS Spillway Gates - Critical Aspect of Dam Safety #7
1999 ICODS Piping Associated with Conduits through Embankment Dams #6
1998 ICODS Application of Mitigation Strategies for Dam Safety #5
1997 ICODS Development of Ground Motion Parameters for Dams Safety Evaluation #4
1996 ICODS Dam Breach Analysis and Maximum Precipitation #3
1995 ICODS Seepage, Piping, and Remedial Measures #2
1993 ICODS Earthquake Engineering #1
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