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National Dam Safety Program Technical Seminar No. 25

Sustaining Public Trust through Effective Emergency Management

The National Dam Safety Review Board – Work Group on Dam Safety Training recently completed conducting the Twenty-Fifth Annual National Dam Safety Program Technical Seminar, “Sustaining Public Trust through Effective Emergency Management."

The seminar took place on February 21-22, 2018, on the campus of the National Emergency Training Center (NETC) in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

What does it take to protect communities that are within the impact area of a dam? What procedures should the dam owner, operators, dam safety professionals, and the local Emergency Managers evaluate when planning for a potential incident? This seminar focused on the benefits and consequences of preparedness activities or the lack of the same and the pertinent information that a local community needs in order to respond and recover from an incident or failure at a da

The presentations did include preparedness measures and case studies of dam preparedness, response, and recovery activities. Participants departed the Seminar with a better understanding of these concepts. This includes a higher level of understanding of the many preparedness, response, recovery, mitigation activities that are at the disposal of dam safety professionals.

The seminar’s intent was to provide a forum for dam safety professionals, bringing together inspectors, designers, consultants, owners, contractors and regulators for two days of presentations and discussions. The seminar concluded with a Panel Discussion comprised of the presenters where the topics of Dam Safety could be discussed to a greater detail.

If you are a Dam Safety professional, dam operator, dam owner or anyone whose career is involved in keeping the 99,000+ of America’s dams in good working order, then you should plan on attending the 2019 National Dam Safety Program Technical Seminar. Please refer back to this web page for future dates and times.

FY18 National Dam Safety Seminar Poster Graphic
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