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National Dam Safety Program Technical Seminar No. 24

Interim Risk Reduction Measures and Rehabilitation

The National Dam Safety Review Board – Work Group on Dam Safety Training is pleased to announce the Twenty-Fourth Annual National Dam Safety Program Technical Seminar, "Interim risk reduction measures and rehabilitation".

The seminar will take place February 22-23, 2017, on the campus of the National Emergency Training Center (NETC) in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Firm APPLICATION CUT-OFF DATE: January 6, 2017. No applications will be accepted after this date.

Dam safety professionals often implement interim measures to reduce risks at a dam site while permanent solutions are designed and funded. With limited budgets, dam owners/operators need to address the highest risk dams in need of repair first. Dam risk prioritization tools/schemes take into account the probability of failure and the severity of consequences to determine which repairs should be completed first and which can be delayed until funding is available. Multiple interim risk reduction measures may be necessary until the time that the projects with lower risk are funded. This seminar will focus on the present day application of interim risk reduction measures to reduce the risk of unsafe performance of dams and the rehabilitation of dams that present significant risk. Presentations on interim risk reduction measures and case studies of dam rehabilitations will be given.

Starting with an overview of failure modes, the seminar will explore the fundamental approaches to developing Interim Risk Reduction Measures and Rehabilitation plans that include administrative, operational and structural measures.

  • Non-Structural Measures such as: Increased inspections and instrumentation monitoring, operational modifications, public communication and awareness.
  • Structural Measures such as: Cutoff walls, anchoring, grouting, RCC construction, and stability berms

Brief presentations of background topics are included when they will help place the more technical details into proper context for the audience.

Participants should leave the seminar with an understanding of the applicability of the many Interim Risk Reduction Measures and potential Rehabilitation methods at the disposal of dam safety professionals.

The seminar is intended for dam safety professionals, bringing together inspectors, designers, consultants, owners, contractors and regulators for two days of presentations and discussions. The seminar will conclude with an open discussion period. Take advantage of this FREE invaluable training and plan now to attend!

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