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2023 National Dam Safety Program Technical Seminar

The National Dam Safety Technical Seminar is scheduled for Feb. 22-23, 2023, at the Emergency Management Institute in Emmitsburg, Maryland. This year’s theme “Managing and Regulating Dams into The Future” will bring in perspectives from dam and levee safety experts and include topics such as new challenges, technologies, and approaches.

The agenda will feature sessions from the following areas:

  • Aging Infrastructure
  • Seismic Loading
  • Sedimentation
    • Environmental impacts
    • Load on a Dam
  • Climate Change and related uncertainties
    • Flood Loading
    • Adaptive design and management
    • Wildfires and rural dams
    • Research-to-practice pathway
    • Use of 2021 World Climate Research Program Data
  • Regulators and Owners Perspective
  • Risk Evaluation
  • Intelligent compaction
  • Fiber optics
  • Remote sensing
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Innovative rehabilitation methods
  • Dam removal
  • Sedimentation mitigation
  • New Partnerships
  • Funding Source and Strategies
  • Project delivery

To register for the event, Dam Safety professionals need to follow the application process found here.

Please make sure you follow all the directions before attempting to submit your online application.

The course code is E8535, and the course dates are Feb. 22-23, 2023. Click “continue” on the EMI course and schedules screen. Deadline for applications is Jan. 13, 2023.

For more information, please see the 2023 NDSPTS Seminar Postcard

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