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Developing Procedures and Protocols

Key Definitions

  • Common Procedures: Standardized, specific actions for school staff and students to take in response to a variety of hazards, threats, or incidents. Examples include evacuation, shelter-in-place, and parent-student reunification.
  • Specialized Procedures: Standardized actions for specific populations or situations during an incident or emergency. Examples include special needs populations, off-campus events, continuity of operations, mass care, and psychological healing.


Click on a link below to access resources on developing procedures and protocols.

Click on this link for Toolkit resources on analyzing hazards.

Common and Specialized Procedures


  • Evacuating the School Bus Seminar: DOC|PPT
  • Evacuating the Special Needs Population
  • Evacuation and Reunification – Deer Valley Unified School District
    This video documents the Deer Valley Unified School District exercising their evacuation and reunification drills and procedures. Available at the Deer Valley Unified School District Web site: www.dvusd.org


  • Residential Shelter-in-Place – FEMA/Emergency Management Center at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    This training video provides instruction on how to shelter-in-place in the event of a hazmat incident. Video, transcripts, and key photos are available at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Web site: emc.ornl.gov
  • Shelter-in-Place Drill Checklist

Parent-Student Reunification

Psychological Healing

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Hazard- and Incident-Specific Procedures

Natural Hazards

Technological Hazards

Human-Caused Hazards

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