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E/L0912 – Preparing Communities for a Complex Coordinated Attack IEMC: Community Specific

The IEMC: Preparing Communities for a Complex Coordinated Attack (CCA) sponsored by FEMA is a community-specific training initiative designed to improve the ability of local jurisdictions to prepare for, protect against, and respond to complex coordinated attacks. The purpose of this course is to provide a no-consequence environment where participants from multiple disciplines can discuss and analyze the local, state, regional and federal capabilities required to respond to an attack involving coordinated assaults against multiple targets. Through briefings, case studies, facilitated discussions, and planning workshops, participants work through a community-specific attack scenario to identify gaps in their current plans as well as mitigation strategies.

Course Goals

  • Identify interdependencies and gaps in decisions, actions, and resources needed to respond to a complex coordinated attack.
  • Increase situational awareness to inform community of the challenges faced by healthcare systems during a complex coordinated attack.
  • Strengthen and exercise relationships with response partners and members of the whole community.
  • Understand the key issues that should be addressed in a unified regional response plan for a complex coordinated attack.

Who Should Attend

This course is for individual communities with populations of approximately 100K or greater. Participation from communities should include senior elected and appointed officials, senior agency officials, tactical level first responders, emergency managers, and other attendees who would have a role in the response to a complex coordinated attack. (EMI campus deliveries are limited to 75 participants.


CCA is a four day course using blended instructional methods including briefings, case studies, facilitated scenario based discussions, and facilitated planning workshops. Throughout the course, participants work through a customized scenario in three breakout groups: Senior Command, Operations, and Community Coordination. Each breakout group is led by a team of facilitators who guide discussions and assist participants in identifying successful practices, as well as, gaps in planning, coordination, and current operational capabilities. Each of the breakout groups maintains a slightly different focus, based on the everyday roles and responsibilities of the participants. Additionally, each breakout group is cross-populated with representatives from each of the other breakout groups to promote a more comprehensive discussion. At the conclusion of the breakout sessions, each breakout group reports back to the group at-large; these findings are captured for the Summary Report. After three days of briefings, small group work and breakout groups, participants complete a facilitated planning workshop where they outline the framework of a Unified Regional Response Plan.

If you have specific questions about the Complex Coordinated Attack IEMC program, please contact our Integrated Emergency Management Section staff at 301-447-1381 or via email at

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