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Emergency Management/Homeland Security Unity of Effort (UoE SIG)

Short Description:

The unity of effort special interest group (UoE SIG) was designed to bring practitioners and academics together from the homeland security (HLS) and emergency management (EM) disciplines. This SIG recognizes the vast intellectual overlaps between these two disciplines in the classroom and in the field regarding risk based approaches to preparedness, resilience and security. The UoE SIG aims to create collaborations between EM and HLS academics, policy makers and practitioners that explore how both disciplines can better understand the many complex and wicked problems that define today’s preparedness, resilience and security landscape. The UoE SOG will focus on development, and dissemination of basic and applied research of community and national preparedness, resilience, and security, the scholarship of teaching and learning in each discipline, and academic program development.

EM/HS Unity of Effort SIG Purpose:

  1. To support members in their research agendas in an effort to address how best to produce a capable and skilled national workforce.
  2. Provide opportunities for scholars, policy makers and practitioners to collaborate on research, community development, program development and evaluation, and the development of new models of preparedness and resilience.
  3. To keep SIG members informed about current research related preparedness, resilience and security needs, challenges, and opportunities.
  4. Developing strategies for designing and implementing preparedness, resilience and security strategies in NGOs, private and public sector organizations and communities.
  5. To provide opportunities for members to collaborate through online platforms, list serves and our SIG Facebook page.

EM/HS Unity of Effort SIG Lead

Jim Ramsay, Chair
University of New Hampshire

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