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Science Technology Integration

Co-leads: Nick LaLone, Sean Ryan

Brief Description

The Science Technology Integration (STI) SIG is an interdisciplinary SIG meant to foster technology use in the practice and pedagogy of emergency management. STI SIG provides assignments, tutorials, and philosophies on how to better connect technology use to emergency management. From software like WebEOC to the complex algorithms of machine learning, the demand for computer use in emergency management is increasing at an exponential rate. By focusing on integrating science and technology with existing emergency management praxis, the STI SIG can help educate emergency managers to use cutting edge computational techniques and teach them to others quickly and effectively.


  1. To develop a collection of tutorials, activities, and pedagogy for a variety of essential tools and technologies that emergency management has used, will use, or could be using.
  2. To provide a space for technical disciplines and emergency management programs to collaborate by exchanging knowledge, needs, and lessons learned.
  3. To suggest best practices in terms of emergency management policy for social media and other types of social technologies.
  4. To create opportunities for emergency management practitioners and educators to see demos and discuss emerging technologies.

Next Steps: Objectives, Projects, or Activities

  1. Resource Gathering and Organization: The STI SIG is seeking existing resources to understand the current state of technology-oriented instruction in Emergency Management. We will convene on the 1st Thursday to assemble resources and write content to promote the SIG.

SIG Co-leads

Nick LaLone, Ph.D.
University of Nebraska at Omaha

Sean Ryan
Northern Arizona University

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