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FEMA Emergency Management Higher Education Program
Virtual Symposium Session 1
"Getting Ready for the New Semester"

July 25, 2013 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. EST

Is Emergency Management Online Education a Bubble?
By Dr. Tom Phelan
Dr. Tom Phelan Consulting

Is online education valid for emergency management? What about the need for practical training in emergency response? Must that training occur on campus or at a training center? Are online classes becoming too large to be an effective form of teaching? These and many other questions will be posed, discussed and answered by Dr. Tom Phelan, an educator experienced with traditional "brick and mortar" institutions, online education and blended degree programs.

Building Strong Programs through Community Partnerships
By Dr. Jim Kerley, Ms. Gloria Crawford and Mr. Guy Garrett
Gulf Coast State College

Hear how one college is working to build a strong program using community partnerships. Learn the techniques Gulf Coast State College used to build its enrollment, increase program vitality and create a curriculum aligned between educators and professionals. Listen to Dr. Jim Kerley, President of Gulf Coast State College, Ms. Gloria Crawford and Mr. Guy Garrett explain how their labors to produce graduates who can immediately deliver a positive impact on the job have been successful.
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Questions? Contact Dr. Houston Polson, Director FEMA Emergency Management Higher Education Program or call 301-447-1262

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