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Following a March 2020 announcement that it would temporarily suspend in-person, campus-based training delivery, and subsequent July 2020 announcement regarding training resumption, FEMA will not re-open its campuses on August 2, 2020, as anticipated.

FEMA's top priority remains the health and safety of FEMA employees, instructors, students, and visitors on campus, without compromising instruction quality and the student experience. Therefore, FEMA will suspend in-person training and education at both the National Emergency Training Center (NETC) and Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) through at least October 1.

FEMA will continue to monitor the coronavirus pandemic and communicate updates or changes in conditions that may affect reopening of FEMA campuses.

Academic Emergency Management and Related Courses (AEMRC) for the Higher Education Program

Terrorism and Emergency Management Course (Summary)

This course was developed by Dr. William Waugh, Jr. of Georgia State University for use by emergency management professors. It consist of 374 pages and topics include: history of terrorism in the U.S., domestic and international terrorism, law enforcement/national security aspects, applying emergency management framework, the structure of antiterrorism programs and preparing and responding to major events.

Download Course materials (724 KB, winzip file)

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