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Academic Emergency Management and Related Courses (AEMRC) for the Higher Education Program

Completed Courses - Ready to Download

The college-level courses noted below have been contract-developed for the FEMA Emergency Management Higher Education Project by, in most cases, practicing college/university faculty. The primary intent is for college and university faculty to add these courses to their curriculum, drawing, in whole or in part, from the material provided below. These college courses are not taught at FEMA's Emergency Management Institute.

Completed Courses - Available on CD only

To obtain a CD with the courses listed below send an email to with mailing address and phone number.

  • Catastrophe Readiness and Response Course
  • Coastal Hazards Management
  • Comparative Emergency Management
    - (Additional Course Resources)
  • Earthquake Hazard and Emergency Management Course
  • Emergency Management Principles and Application for Tourism, Hospitality, and Travel Management Industries (Summary)
  • Floodplain Management: Principles and Current Practices
  • Hazard Mapping and Modeling
  • Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  • Individual and Community Disaster Education (Summary)
    - Additional Material
    - Hurricane Strike (product for middle school students)
    This is an access page that gives you the choice of running it from the Web or download it to your computer (if you have low bandwidth).
  • National Incident Management Systems Course (NIMS)
  • Political and Policy Basis of Emergency Management ( Summary)
  • Principle, Practice, Philosophy and Doctrine of Emergency Management
  • Public Administration and Emergency Management (Summary)
  • Research and Analysis Methods in Emergency Management (Summary)
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