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Application Submission

FEMA solicits grant applications through a number of different channels and provides funding opportunity details in program-specific documents.

Review the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO; for Non-Disaster Grants) or the FEMA-State/FEMA-Tribal Agreement (FSA/FTA; for Disaster Grants) to understand the funding priorities specific to your grant.

Be as specific as possible in your application by crafting a detailed Program Narrative and Budget Worksheet and Budget Narrative (for Non-Disaster Grants) or a Mitigation Plan and Administrative Plan (for Disaster Grants).

Before applying, make sure you’re registered in the System for Award Management (SAM), at!


  • - the System for Award Management; registration is a pre-requisite for grant application
  • Catalog of Federal Assistance Listings - detailed public descriptions of federal assistance listings available to State, local, tribal, and territorial governments and to specialized organizations and individuals

Application Review

FEMA has set criteria for reviewing grant applications. Develop an understanding of the elements an application reviewer will be looking for, particularly programmatic and budget details.