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E364: Multihazard Emergency Planning for Schools

Course Length:

3 full days. Travel days are Sunday and Thursday.

Course Description:

This course provides schools with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to develop, enhance, and sustain an all threats/hazards school emergency operations plan (EOP). This course follows the guidance set forth in the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (CPG) 201, for developing an EOP, and explains how to engage the whole community, including parents/guardians, and outside agencies such as law enforcement, fire, and emergency management on school preparedness and planning. Throughout the course, school representatives will review their existing EOP or identify how to develop one, determine areas for improvement, and make changes/updates to the EOP.

Course Goal:

To provide participants an opportunity to review and enhance their school EOP and gain a broader understanding of emergency preparedness and planning. Participants will learn how to leverage existing relationships and build new working relationships with community-based protection, response and recovery organizations to help schools plan for, protect against, mitigate, response to, and recover from emergencies.

The Course includes:
Unit 1: Course Overview
Unit 2: Getting Ready for Planning
Unit 3: Understanding the Situation
Unit 4: Developing the School EOP
Unit 5: Developing Procedures and Functional Annexes
Unit 6: Developing Threat/Hazard-Specific Annexes
Unit 7: Training and Exercising the School EOP
Unit 8: Course Summary


IS-100.SCa (or ICS-100), Introduction to the Incident Command System and IS-700a, National Incident Management System.

Target Audience:

School Personnel: Principals/Assistant Principals; Risk Managers; School Board Members; School Safety Coordinators; Transportation and Food Service Coordinators; Facility Managers; Nurses/Counselors;

Continuing Education Units (CEUs):

EMI awards 1.8 CEUs for completion of this course.


National Emergency Training Center (NETC), Emergency Management Institute (EMI), Emmitsburg, Maryland.

For further enrollment information, please refer to the EMI website at For course information, contact the EMI course manager, Patricia Gould at (301) 447-7684, 1-800-238-3358 (ext. 7684), or email Patricia Gould at

To Apply:

Follow Team Selection Criteria and complete a FEMA Form 75-5, General Admissions Application for each person, with student signature and signature of supervisor or sponsoring agency official. Submit the applications through the State emergency management training office who will fax them to the NETC Admissions Office at (301) 447-1658.

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